Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cornwall Park

Us Aucklanders are certainly very lucky - for lots of different reasons, and especially for Cornwall Park. It is always such a joy to come here, and our Sunday afternoon visit reinforced to me how wonderful this place is.

Initially I wanted for us to find the cherry blossoms - I knew there had been a Spring celebration (which we missed) at the grove somewhere. We drove through from the Observatory entrance, and pretty much immediately upon seeing the lambs Kien wanted to stop and pet them. So we stopped.

Lately Kien has been asking me to hand over my iPhone. "I want to take a picture of you, Mummy", he says. He's definitely getting better as you can see from the photos he took of me (on the right). He actually points and shoots straight!

We had a great time amongst the giant trees. Doesn't every boy love to swing?

Or walk the plank?

Or fence with his Daddy?

He picked the right sword for himself.

As we drove out of the park we stopped at the fountain on Manukau Road.

It was a splendid (and unexpectedly) sunny Sunday afternoon, just what I needed.


Callie @ infinitemonkey.co.nz said...

Cornwall Park is one of my favourite places in AK (next to Devonport and Bethells beach!) It's such an awesome natural playground for kids to explore! Great photos, looks like you guys had so much fun!:)

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