Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ferris wheel and tropical Brisbane

Kien and I have been in Brisbane for a few days now, and Jef flew in on Thursday to join us for the remaining 4 days of this week. It was an impromptu decision to have a quick break away after that gruelling project I've ben involved in went live last Saturday/Sunday. I needed to get away and spend time with my family. I felt burnt out and exhausted, so it is great to be able to have this quiet time.

Kien was great on the flight over. It was an easy 3 and a bit hours with him watching in-flight entertainment for most of the journey.

We have been staying with my friend, Justine, and her family. I've known Justine since we were 11 years old attending Remuera Intermediate. Since we've been here in BNE our kids have reacquainted. Justine's girls and Kien get along so well. They sit and chat whilst sculpturing with Playdough, and hide under the covers watching Peppa Pig together.

We went to South Bank for afternoon tea the other day and the kids took great delight in chasing after Ibuses - this was after we witnessed them stealing food off plates and out of people's hands (while they were eating). Talk about cheeky opportunists!

It doesn't look like anyone does this around here, but I took Kien for walk in the stroller in the middle of the day. We went to the local park, and there was no one around. Kien collected sticks and built a camp fire (as seen on TV by Bear Grylls) and had a great time pretending to light and cook on it.

Then on Thursday afternoon Jef, Kien and I went for a wander around the neighbourhood.

We got caught in a major downpour - massive droplets of rain pouring from the sky. No wonder the drains are enormous in Brisbane.

That night we went on the Wheel of Brisbane.

Kien loved it, as evidenced in the above photos.

We hired a rental car and made our way to the Gold Coast. To be continued...

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Makiazo said...

Looks like you have good holydays


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