Monday, December 30, 2013

Pre-Christmas BBQ and Santa

One of the mothers from playgroup whom I've gotten to know a bit better invited us over for a pre-christmas BBQ at her place on the Thursday before Christmas. We had a fabulous time, thank you, Alex! We met lots of fun and interesting individuals from different countries and different walks of life. Kien had a great time - it took him a while to warm up (as per usual) but once he did there was no holding him back. With chickens roaming around in the heart of the city (at their Grey Lynn property) it was such a treat for the kids to pat and feed the birds.

**Another catchup post as I promised Charlize's mother I'd send her some photos.**


On the last session at playgroup Santa visited. This is the first year where Kien has been really into the whole idea about Santa, his reindeer and sleigh, Santa's grotto, elves, and all things that make up Christmas magic. He was so excited seeing Santa walk through the door, and when received his gift he was astounded and positively gleeful. It was a delight to see.


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