Wednesday, January 15, 2014

So we went camping...

You know I've talked about camping before, so we made the most of our Christmas/New Year break of the days that weren't already committed by going twice. The second time was on January 3rd, and we hooked up with my friend Kathy and her hubby and daughter out at Ambury Regional Park.

We love this place and have frequented there a number of times, but this is the first time we've actually camped there. It's well worth the effort - or rather lack thereof - this is one of the easiest camping expeditions you can imagine. We had planned to get there around 3pm but it ended up around 5pm. Not that it mattered because it was just so easy finding a nice spot to erect our tent. Even Kien chipped in and helped out.

It's great having another child to play with my child, especially when they get along so well. It was a bit of a worry when about an hour into them playing together they both came to us and said they had made a baby together. Ah, the innocence.

We went for a walk at dusk around the beach and farmstead. The kids just kicked off their shoes after they realised they were coated in mud.

Then there was more running around and getting dirty after we cleaned them up.

There was a beautiful golden glow from the setting sun that cast such a beautiful light through one of the paddocks, so we definitely had to go and run through it.

Lots of energy being burned off. They ran back and forth, chasing the sheep, and it was a wonderful sight to behold.


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