Sunday, January 19, 2014

Coffee group kids dinner

I found these photos on my camera the other day, and I thought all the kids looked so adorable I just had to post them. At the end of last year life was just so crazy and hectic I didn't manage to do a lot of blog posts, and now that I've been doing a bit of photo maintenance it's quite nice to find photos such as these. It was of our last kids dinner for the year with my coffee group.

Loose stones and children - what can I say - the kids were fully entertained (and mischievious) for quite a while.

We tore them away from their games for some dinner.

The smallest child was the last to leave. She ate everything on her plate, and then some more.

After dinner fruit was served on the patio.

The other kids wanted to partake in fruit eating too, so we moved them to the small table.

Kien ended up being alone with all the ladies. Looks like they were a captive audience.

Oh look, other boys busting in on the party.

After fruit it was driving time - driving and crashing and dangling. I look at these photos and wonder what is in store for the future...

It's hard to imagine that they were once this small!

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Michelle MacWhirter said...

They are all looking like 'big kids' for sure. I loved Kien with all the ladies, he's one good looking lad so I bet it won't be the last time he's surrounded by pretty girls.


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