Thursday, February 6, 2014

A strawberry picking post

We enjoy picking strawberries so much that we've gone out ONCE this season, and that was when my uncle and aunt were still over here. They have long gone back to the US, and we've just had weekend after weekend of other priorities so strawberry picking has been on the back burner. I see less strawberries sold at supermarkets these days, so I'm thinking that perhaps I've left it too late and the season is over. Well at least we went ONCE is all I can say, and here's a post to remind me of it.

Phil Greig Strawberry Gardens was where we were - vast fields of plump juicy strawberries found under leafy greens and little blossoms just waiting for us.

While we were trying to find the biggest ones Kien was excited to just pick red ones, despite size. He also demonstrated great restraint with not eating any for a while, and then once he popped one in his mouth that was it - he was unstoppable.

5 kilos of picked strawberries later we went out to Muriwai to see the gannets.

My aunt has never seen these birds before so I'm glad to have introduced her to this experience.


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