Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Four - a birthday party

When your child is born in between Christmas and new year it is a bit of a struggle to throw him a party on the actually birth date. All through the last half of the year he was asking when his birthday party was going to be, so I knew I had to bite the bullet and throw him a proper party for his forth, with his friends and all. I thought that maybe mid December was a good time since people were still around - **note to self** - send invitations 6 weeks out, because leading up to Christmas is also a very busy period - **and note2 to self** - UNconsider December! But anyway, we pushed forward despite the lack of numerous RSVPs, and a couple of "maybe" from Kien's friends from daycare.

The morning of his birthday party he had a fever. He was crook, Man. He asked to speak with a doctor! I put on my thinking cap and phoned a friend - someone with years of experience in raising 3 boisterous kids of her own. "My son needs to talk to a doctor. Can you please be doctor and speak with him?" I pleaded. No problems. She told him to listen to his mother, take some medicine, keep a wet flannel on until the fever breaks, and no iPad. You know what? He actually listened. The fever broke a couple of hours later, and by 1pm he was running around downstairs on the grass like nothing was ever wrong.

By then the giant bouncy castle had been delivered and blown up, the gazebo erected, the food brought down from upstairs, and the next door neighbour's grandchild and Kien became besties.

I asked Kien's favourite teacher from daycare to come and entertain the children, and I'm so glad she did. She was such a hit.

I was actually rather surprised at how much the kids ate. They seemed to have really enjoyed the selection on offer. I tried to provide a variety of snacks, with a few healthy options as well.

Anna took the kids through a bunch of games, including the classic "pass the parcel". Kien was more interested in doing his own thing, but that's alright, everyone else enjoyed it.

One of Kien's friend's mother made the themed cake. It looked awesome, and way too good to eat.

It was pretty windy when it came to blowing out the candles. We had to do a bit of huddling and wind blockage.

That day there was forecasted thunderstorms in the afternoon, and we could actually hear it getting closer and closer. The dark clouds were making their way across the sky toward us, and I was afraid the party was going to be a washout. Luckily it passed by us, or rather diverted away from us, so we got a few sprinkles, and that was about it.

So there it is - Kien's fourth birthday party posted 2 months after the event.


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