Thursday, May 8, 2014

Time does not stand still

Whew, time has just marched right on forward and there has been so much to do and still so much more to do and everything happens all at once and then you try and catch your breath for a bit so you sit down to give yourself some peace and quiet and then you just stay sitting down, you know? Like you give yourself permission not to stress too much and then you end up not doing anything! I feel like I've done that a bit, lately. I guess I knew it was going to be pretty full on in May so I decided to have some calmness before the storm.

So anyway, this is what we've been doing for the last 2 weeks.

I painted my toe nails the other Tuesday morning - something I hardly ever make time to do, and as soon as I got the nail polish out Kien immediately became interested. Immediately. The iPad he earned time to watch that morning was cast aside as he hovered over me, watching and commenting on the colours of my very limited collection. Then he begged me to give him rainbows. So rainbows it was.

That day we also went out for lunch with Rod and Grandma Gun. Afterwards Kien went for a run along Mission Bay (with his plastic saw).


Then on Thursday it was my friend Naadia's birthday. We went and had lunch up at The Sugar Club in Sky City. If you've seen the recent series of NZ Masterchef then you would have seen one of Peter Gordon's dishes being cooked by the contestants (and I only know this because Naadia told me). So we ordered that as one of our dishes.

Don't be fooled by the photo - the serving was small, but oh boy was it delightful and flavoursome. The Sugar Club only do "small dishes"; the write up says, "Our menu is a selection of small dishes - encouraging you to order, and taste, a wider range of flavours and ingredients than you might otherwise experience at one meal. Three dishes are the equivalent of a starter and main meal." Anyway, Peter Gordon was wandering around when we were up there, as you do when you are a celeb chef and own an award winning restaurant with fabulous views.


On Saturday Kien went to a birthday party held at Chipmunks.

I asked Kien to smile for one photo so I could send to Jef, and he gave me this:

After the party he really wanted to go to the beach, so we went and hung out at Sentinel for a bit.

That's a pirate ship flag by the way, and here he is digging for treasure.


On Sunday Kien went to another birthday party held at Rainbows End.

All I can say is that my son has gotten over any fear of going on rides, and the faster and more exhilarating the better. Luckily (or otherwise) he was too small to be doing the big rides, and the party was in the "Kids Kingdom" part of the amusement park so all the rides were suitable for the little people.


Tuesday was the start of a new term for swimming lessons. Kien was so excited as he really missed not doing lessons for a whole 2 weeks. We were at the pools for ages that morning. Then in the afternoon we went to the museum.


Yesterday I went to Jef's apartment to take the marketing photos for the sales advertisements. This weekend is the first open home. This photo will soon be in circulation in the NZ Herald, Property Press, on sign boards and posters in our neighbourhood.


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