Thursday, November 13, 2014

On the farm in Clevedon

Last Saturday seems so long ago now, but really, it only feels that way because it was like we were on holiday all over again. We went out to Lynette's family farm on Saturday afternoon, and Kien got to hang out with all the kids (and a few extra girls) who were in Bali. So all the children were happy as anything, and that suited the adults just fine since it meant we were able to talk, graze on a bunch of snack options, and have a few quiet (or maybe not so quiet) ones without any distractions. After the kids ran around and burnt up some energy and worked up an appetite they were fed a delicious range of food lovingly prepared by us all.

After dinner it was fireworks time, and these are the only pics of have of that experience.

After the kids finally went to bed we sat on the deck, admired the moon and the view across the harbour to Waiheke, shot the breeze, turned on some music and danced like no one was watching. It was magical.

The following day was, shall we say, a little bit slow going. The sun was out and the sky was gloriously blue. The two older girls borrowed my camera for a bit as they were interested in photography; they took most of these photos. I've done a bit of post processing, but they did a good job overall with capturing the morning activities.

Being on the farm on a late Sunday morning sitting in the sun after bacon, eggs, Vogels toast, Watties tinned spaghetti, and lamb chops were presented to you ready for consumption - it was bliss times 10000. This was after I was peckish during my third wakeup coffee and decided to eat leftovers from dinner. Oh yeah, sing it, James Brown.


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