Thursday, October 23, 2014

Our last few days in Bali

I've finally got around to processing the rest of the photos from our trip to Bali, which in some ways feels like a million years ago now. Since we've been home so much has happened! I'll go into more details later, but right now I thought I'd finish up web logging the remainder of our little excersion.

Nusa Dua and Kuta

We stopped by Nusa Dua very briefly before heading to Kuta for some shopping. Nusa Dua looks to me like a water sports area where tourists can basically do anything and everything offerred on the water. It's a busy beach, with a heck of a lot of resorts.

Kuta is the main shopping area in Bali, and it is busy. We stopped at the Hard Rock Cafe and fed all the kids lunch. They made the children cool sword balloons, which they ran aroud stabbing each other with.

Here's what 5 million Rupiah looks like. It's weird when you are talking in hundreds of thousands and millions.

We went onto Kuta beach and headed to the markets.

Although we got some great bargains it was not a pleasant experience going through those markets; very hot, very grabby grabby, everyone wants you to buy something from their store.

Bali Hai Lembongan day cruise

Our 2nd to last day of our holiday was spent on a pontoon at Lembongan - an island that took about an hour to get to from Sanur. We set out relatively early, and they fed us some pastries and cupcakes for breakfast. I just stuck to drinking lots of coffee.

Once we got to the pontoon we took a ride in the semi submersible.

We then lined up for the banana boat which was so much fun.

We snorkelled, and I got to wave to Kien underwater.

We went on a tour of Lembongan, where we got to see their local weavers at work.

We met the decision makers of the island - they just hang out here under the shade all day every day talking.

The beach had lots of crabs scurrying around. I took Kien down to check them all out.

There was a waterslide that we all enjoyed going down. At the end there is a 1 meter drop into the ocean. I thought I could take Kien down with me, but they didn't allow it; one at a time. So I went first, then Kien bravely followed. This is his first ever experience on a waterslide. He lives to tell the tale, and he made me buy this picture. He will tell you how much he enjoyed the ride.

4:30pm rolled around so quickly, and we were back in Sanur. We headed out to a restaurant down the road for BBQ'ed seafood for dinner.

That was our last night in Bali, and also the last time we visited the little store at the end of the path from our villa.

We paid for our final few bottles of Bintang and toasted to a brilliant holiday.


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