Monday, March 9, 2015

About last (last) weekend

Oh, are we already into a new week? Already? I still haven't quite caught my breath yet after last (last) weekend, and last weekend just gone. They go so quickly, don't they?

So here's what we got up to last (last) weekend. It all started on Saturday with a visit to the Auckland Beekeepers Club apiary to see the hives being opened and the honey extraction process.

Kien and I have watched this process many times on youtube, so it was really nice to be able to see it for real.

We are all pretty excited to get ourselves a hive which we are going to put onto our roof. Urban beekeeping is such an exciting prospect. I'm wanting to enrol in a course (night classes) in May to learn all about hive management and the beekeeping laws etc.


On Sunday we went to the Stardome Observatory - specifically to see rocket launches. We thought they were going to launch real rockets, but alas they were just water rockets (which Jef has already got/done/rigged up at home). But it was still a good outing. We saw a cool show about our solar system, and we looked through the solar telescope to see the sun spots. Kien ran around, collected cicada skins, and climbed trees while watching the water rockets propelling up into the air.

We even found a live cicada, which we suspect is ready to shed its outer layer since it was so placid and even let us touch it.


We then went home to grab a few things and headed out on the yacht to the deep fishing hole near Stanley Bay.

I caught a couple of small snappers which we released, but other than that there was no fresh fish for dinner. It was fun to be out there on such a beautiful day, and the cityscape was beautiful from our vantage point.


Back on dry land in the early evening, and it was time to head off to the Auckland Lantern festival.

Kien loved the dragon dance.


That's all folks - except during that weekend I also converted part of our berm out front into a vegetable patch.

Yay, looking forward to beets, onions, kale, silverbeet, spinach and bok choy over the coming weeks/months.


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