Monday, March 2, 2015

The day I jumped out of a plane

"The highest tandem skydive in New Zealand’s North Island. Jump from a massive 16,500 feet. Skydiving with no limits. You’ll be skydiving 5029.2 metres with an insane 75 seconds of freefall. It’s the Ultimate Rush." That's straight off Skydive Auckland's website for the Ultimate Rush jump that I did on Saturday 21 February. Wow, it was an experience! I want to do it again!

It wasn't scary, honestly. If I compared it to my bungy jump last year I would say that plummeting off a bridge was scarier. Doing a skydive is just downright fun.

My dare devil friend Lynette and I were booked for a 2pm session, but due to the weather they asked if we could come earlier. So we arrived, and after showing us a short video trying to sell us their video and photo packages at exorbitant prices, we suited up.

Then we met our guides whom we would be strapped to and made our way to the plane across the road.

We had a short briefing before we clambered into the very cosy plane. Meanwhile our family and friends were close by and probably bored out of their brains with the waiting game.

Then it was take off time.

The view of the Kaipara Harbour was amazing from up there; the river formations snaking inland, the water that usually looks murky was blue from the reflection of the sky with the sun shining on it. Then the plane slowed down at 12,000ft to let the first lot of jumpers out, after which time we took our oxygen masks off and slid forward in preparation for the door to open.

Looking up at the plane as you tumble out of it is amazing. 75 seconds of free-falling is astounding (and very cold).

Once the chute popped open it was a gentle ride back to the ground. It was so peaceful up there. I felt like a bird gliding through the wind with an unencumbered view of the beautiful Auckland. The landing area loomed quickly, and then we touched down.

Here's a video Jef took from the ground. For those reading this via e-mail the embedded video may not show, so you can click on this link here to view my parachute landing.

Woohoo, another tick added to my list of to-do adventures .


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