Sunday, November 1, 2015

Arriving in Venice

Last Saturday (24th Oct) we arrived in Venice in the early afternoon after being at sea for a night, a full day, another night, and a half day after leaving Athens. I was very excited; Venice is another one of my must-see-in-my-lifetime cities, so I had quite high expectations for this place. We sat at our cabin balcony relaxing and waiting for our arrival, and then we went up on the top deck for a better view.

The ship cruised through Saint Mark’s basin and the Giudecca Canal, providing us with a spectacular sail via the centre of Venice, passing Piazza San Marco. We were very fortunate to have been able to do this, as it looks like this route is under intense debate with environmentalists and celebrities petitioning for the banning of large cruise ships.

After docking at port there was a massive rush with people wanting to get onto the water taxis and into the centre. So we took our time and waited. We also wanted to make the most of the limited time we had left on the ship.

It was late afternoon when we took our water taxi to St Marco. By then the sun was on its way down. Sunset at this time of year is really early - around 5pm.

We wandered around for a bit until it got dark, meandering small alleyways and over bridges through the canals. Venice is exactly how I imagined it to be.

We decided to head back to the ship for dinner since it was our last night on the cruise liner.


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