Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Just like a postcard

Edit: This post has been sitting on the internet half written for the last few weeks since we've been home. I've been extremely busy (and I hate saying that because everyone seems to have busy lives and whenever I say I'm busy I feel like I'm just making excuses...which, of course, I am). Work is hectic again. I've been handed an urgent piece of work that has to be in 2 weeks before Christmas to cater for the rush, and my developers are in Singapore and the RĂ©union, so its going to be a rough 3 weeks of orchestration on my part to get this thing across the line. I'm also managing an interesting lineup of testers to help me with this, so I've been contemplating staggering their shifts so that I have people working the same hours as my developers. Oh boy, I'm tired just typing this!

Then, of course, the tragic events that unfolded over the weekend in Paris. It's devastating, especially since its just over a month ago we were there, soaking up the Parisian atmosphere and feeling so lucky and privileged to be in such an amazing place. Now I feel extremely grateful for our time there; blissful and innocent. I can only imagine how chaotic Europe would be right now. I'm so grateful to be home, so glad to be in little NZ.


Venice is just how I imagined it to be, from the narrow alleyways that take you to squares that branch off to bridges and canals, and all the while there are boats or gondolas passing by, and birds that are not people shy and come up really close to peck at the crumbs you drop. Venice is exactly the way I expected, just like a postcard.

I was planning for us to leave Venice on Sunday (25th October), but when I checked flight timings and availability it was a lot more manageable to fly out on Monday instead. So that worked out really well, because we got a chance to explore some more of what Venice had to offer. We headed off on the water taxi and decided to get off one stop after San Marco, on the other side of the grand canal. The nearest bridge was about a kilometer away, so it was a good chance for us to have a wander around. This side is a lot quieter and just as interesting, I reckon. We hopped off the taxi practically right in front of the Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute.

It was nice walking around here; definitely not as busy, so give us some space to look around the beautiful shops full off beautiful Venetian glass. We explored the streets that weave around the canals connected by bridges.

We wanted to find a supermarket so that we could buy some stuff for another picnic - no point going to expensive restaurants when we can get high quality delicious food for a fraction of the price. We happened to stumble across a supermarket just as it was about to close for the day - I think it was only 1pm or so. That was very fortunate. We sat across the road from it and had our lunch, and Kien loved feeding the birds.

After lunch we walked to St Marco square, which wasn't far from where we lunched.

The pigeons at the square were a lot less wary of people, and would eat straight out of your hands, much to Kien's delight.

And that's all folks. The following day we caught a very long water taxi ride to the airport. Getting out of Venice is a story and a half!


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