Monday, December 26, 2016

A merry little Christmas

I haven't been well, and if you asked Jef he would say he wore the brunt of all my frustrations over the last few days. But anyway, on Christmas eve we spent the day at home trying to enjoy some peace and quiet. Kien got into the stash of water balloons, and a lot of merriment was had with throwing them out windows and smashing them all over the place. Between Kien and Jef they blew up a heck of a lot of them too!

At nightfall we ventured up the street to see the Franklin Rd lights. After all, t'was the night before Christmas...

I was feeling so poorly by the time we got home but I had all of "Santa's" presents to wrap. I sent Jef off to put Kien to bed and got to it (after a couple more Aspirins). I've come to a conclusion that I could never be a professional parcel wrapper upperer! But finally I had everything set and done.

Christmas morning there was one very lucky, and very surprised little boy.

We try to keep reminding him of how very lucky he is. Especially after a second round of gifts at my folks place, and then a third round of gifts at Rod, Grandma Gun, and Karen's. Wow, I'm overwhelmed by how generous everyone is. I am so grateful, and feel very fortunate indeed. Merry Christmas.


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