Friday, December 30, 2016


My baby boy is now SEVEN. His little face with his missing front tooth peered out at me from under the covers yesterday morning, smiling, excitedly asking, "is it really my birthday, today?". I nodded, and he was like, "SEVEN, I'm now seven!", as if it was the best age to be, ever! Then I looked at my Fitbit and told him that this time 7 years ago I was waiting for him to sleep, that his daddy had just driven us from the hospital to Birthcare, and he was lying in his cot looking at me with those enormous eyes, blinking, staring, not sleeping. The nurses checked in on us, one at a time, hour after hour, exclaiming how he should be asleep by now. Little did I realise this was going to be my life for the next few years! He giggled after I told my story, telling me it was very funny. Then he threw his arms around my neck and pulled my face close, squeezed tightly and gave me a kiss, and asked for the iPad.

He was a palaeontologist after breakfast, slowly chipping away with his hammer and chisel to dig out the bones buried in the clay brick. This kid has been interested in dinosaurs for as long as I can remember. He even wants to go London so he can visit the Natural History Museum - the one that David Attenborough's "Alive" documentary was filmed in, which uses CGI imagery to bring to life several of the extinct animal skeletons in the museum. He loves that doco.

We had his friend, Naotaka, (who shared their birthday party together a couple of weeks ago) over for the day. Both boys had such a good time. We broke out the water balloons.

After all the birthday gifts at their birthday party and Christmas presents I can safely say Kien was present-ed out, to the point where he didn't even expect/ask if we had got him something. We had, but I think I'll save that for another time.

Last night I asked him if he enjoyed his birthday. He said he did, very much. He loved the balloons, playing with his friend, and our house. He's said a few times that he loves living here, and that he doesn't miss the apartment anymore. He also told me that his favourite daddy is Daddy, I'm his favourite mummy, and Koala is his favourite best friend. And then he continued talking about all sorts of things (like he does every night) and asks me to explain why we dream, how our eyes work, why our heart is so important...and then I tell him to be quiet and go to sleep...and then he yabbers on under his breathe thinking I can't hear him until he passes out, eventually.


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