Sunday, July 23, 2017

Return to Paradise

Highlights of our Samoan vacation - well, everything was a highlight as far as I'm concerned; going back to the wonderful Return to Paradise resort where we stayed last year, having lots of friends with their families with us, making friends and having fun with the resort staff, snorkelling in the clear turquoise reef just a few meters from our room, cooling off in one of the 4 pools, getting warm in the spa after spending too much time in the pool, walking back and forth barefoot in the soft sand between the villas, giant clams, unexpectedly swimming with a turtle, stopping at roadside stores for Vailimas, catching a ride in the back of a truck with the resort staff to see Manu Samoa vs Flying Fijians rugby match...the list goes on and on. I haven't even mentioned the fact that I travelled back to Auckland in the cockpit watching the Captain and First Officer doing their thing while another pilot explained what was happening. Now that was fun.

I've got squillians of photos which will take some time to sort through (no doubt), but while it's all fresh in my mind I'll post what I can.

We came in on Saturday afternoon with 9 whole days stretched out in front of us. Kien was so excited that he was now on school holidays. Jef and I were so excited we were not working. It's been a tough year with so much going on, so this was a welcome break.

I love it here at this beautiful beach in Matautu. When the wind blows the sea is rough and wild, but at other times its so calm and clear. The snorkelling is pretty amazing out there.

We spent a lot of time in the pool. There are four of them here, and depending on the temperature and position of the sun was the decision for which pool to swim in.

We played pool, caught a shuttle to Apia, found hermit crabs, and generally just walked back and forth on the white sand between our beachfront room and the main villa that our friends were staying in.


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