Friday, July 28, 2017

Samoan road trip

Unlike the last time we were here (when we didn't do anything whatsoever except laze around reading books and swimming all day, every day), we took the opportunity this time to hire a van and do some exploring...a van seating 12 people and there were 14 of us. Good thing there were some pint sized people amongst the group!

We visited a waterfall - pretty. Easy money for the village people here - they charged 10 tala per person to view the waterfall over that gnarly cliff.

Then we were off to the idyllic To Sua ocean trench. Over the course of millennia, erosion of the lava fields around Lotofaga left the area pocketed with tide pools and a series of blowholes, the largest of which is To Sua (name translates to “big hole”). Surrounded by lush gardens, the natural salt water pool is sunken deep into the earth, and we had to climb down a very steep ladder to get inside. Kien was too scared to go down the ladder, so Jef stayed behind with him while the rest of us went for a swim.

By the time we finished our swim we were all extremely hungry. Good thing us mothers thought ahead and had packed a picnic lunch. So we occupied a gazebo in the groomed gardens that kissed the cliff face.

We then drove all the way to Lalomanu, a beautiful village on the east coast of Upolu. We stopped at the local store to get some cold Vailimas. There were some cute piggies on the side of the road too.

This spot was heavily damaged by the 2009 tsunami, and even now the reef is still recovering. You can see this when out there snorkelling. But man, this beach is so beautiful. The next time we visit Samoa I want to stay here for a bit. Its quite different to Return to Paradise beach.

What a fantastic and exhausting day. We took the long drive back to Matautu, witnessing a spectacular sunset across a still river.


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