Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Mangawhai lifestylers

I recently joined a private facebook group - Mangawhai Lifestyle Property Community, to learn a thing or two. The group is a relatively newly formed one, and last Sunday we went to a meet and greet brunch at one of the member's home. They had organised a local fellow to come and tell/show us all about summer pruning of fruit trees. It was fascinating and we learned so much. Plus strolling around on the beautiful property in the sunshine on a lazy Sunday afternoon is such a joyful experience.

There were a handful of kids of various ages, but only 2 that were 8, and they basically struck up a friendship immediately. They both ran around and played with the dog for the first hour, then they joined the other kids in the pool, then they got changed and ran around some more, climbing trees and playing in the willow glades.

They have exchanged email addresses so we'll see if they stay in contact.

In the late afternoon we stopped by our property for a brief checkup. Jef and I were up in our Totara glade and when we looked down we saw Kien had (obviously) climbed up on the container and was sitting there merrily.


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