Friday, March 9, 2018

Saturday cricket

The season is almost over. As sad as that may sound it means that we adults get our Saturday mornings back, and Jef doesn't have to rush home on Thursday evenings to take Kien to practice. We want Kien to do team sport because it teaches him commitment, team work, bla bla bla...but in him doing extra curricular activities the reality is that WE have to be committed too, and that means no lazing around in bed on Saturday mornings after a long week at work. Oh, the sacrifices!

Last Saturday the club game was held in Kohimarama. They had a really good match, and the Grafton United Cricket Club Y3 Panthers won their second game for the season! It was a great win too - Auckland University Cricket Club Y3 Crocodiles scored 84 runs vs the Panthers with a massive 124 runs.


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