Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 1 Operation Un-plug

Oh boy, last night was horrendous! Kien woke up again and again and again for the pacifier - 10 times from when I put him to sleep in his cot until I gave in and took him to my bed at 00:20. Then once again before his 2am feed, and from 4am it was in and out constantly until I fed him at 5:41am. Then he wouldn't go back to sleep until 7:14am, and was awake again at 7:55am. The culprit is the dummy. He is reliant on it to fall asleep, so can't make it through to the next sleep cycle without it.

Today I was able to get three 45 minute naps from him. It was a challenge.

I've just now finally got him to sleep for the night. He cried so much. I volunteered Jef to do the night-shift because I am feeling a bit loopy now with the severe lack of sleep. Tomorrow I should be recharged.

Good luck to Jef for tonight with "pick up/put down" method.


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