Friday, April 1, 2011

His little friends

On Tuesday Kien met up with his little friends from our coffee group. It was my turn to provide the venue and refreshments, so since it was such fabulous weather I decided to hold it at Salisbury Park in Herne Bay. I baked some ginger crunch and blueberry muffins and chopped up some fruit for the kiddies.

I had a really good time, and it would seem Kien enjoyed it as well. *Note* this movie is not all about Kien, so if you are not interested in seeing other peoples' children then don't bother watching it as it will be 2:26 minutes of your life you will not get back :-)

We have just finished Kien's course of antibiotics - hooray! The night before last we had another rough one with him waking up at 2am and screaming. I had to rock him to sleep and he stayed with me on the mattress in his room again. But last night Jef had a successful time whereby Kien only woke up once at 3am for a feed and slept through until 7:30am. So hopefully tonight will turn out well for me since it is my shift.

I've been on a 2 day course learning all about "Agile methodology" for project management. It was all common sense stuff that I knew and practiced anyway (except they put some "interesting" names and terminology to things), and my company paid $2500 for me to attend the course. Good for my CV; now I have another certification under my belt.

We are looking forward to Sunday as we will be attending Air New Zealand Technical Operations open day. This is where we wander around the hangers at the airport and look at planes and engines up close and personal. It will be so much fun!


Michelle MacWhirter said...

Cute kids! That loked like a fun day. Thomas has that sae bib that Kien was wearing.

My friends wife works for Air New Zealand as well, not sure exactly what she does there, her name is Mari Fenn and they've got two older kids and twin baby boys. She is from Japan I think. Would be funny if you'd met her before!

It was fun seeing you guys yesterday, it was so lovely when Kien walked up to me and gave me a cuddle! I love baby cuddles.

Lien H said...

Yeah, meet-ups with other mothers and children Kien's age are always good fun, especially when they are at the park. We will see a lot of changes in how the kids will play with each other. They are definitely beginning to play more interactively, whereas previously they just ignored each other :-)

Yes, baby cuddles are the best. Look forward to giving your little Thomas a cuddle soon. He always looks so cuddle friendly.


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