Monday, May 9, 2011

Mum's the word

I've had my second mother's day of my entire life...and so did Kien, as a matter of fact! He fills my heart to the point of overflowing every time he smiles, or says "Mummy", or "Mama", or "Mum" - he says these words often, and shares his smiles readily. He makes me happy, and now that he understands when I ask for kisses he does the whole lean-in-and-pucker thing (and slobbers me with an open mouth wet kiss) I can't help but love him even more (I never realised that is even possible!). I also never thought I would gush as much as I do over my kid! Hey, it's a biological thing.

Coyle Park was the place to be on Sunday morning judging by the amount of people there. Kien of course knocked himself out (figuratively, not literally) with the amount of fun he had.

We headed to Mum's for a lovely visit in the afternoon. We sipped tea and ate bakery delights whilst Kien played with his new pre-loved $8 Trademe tunnel - fabulous!

And we sat and watched the guys plugging in the Apple TV; we then proceeded to spend the next 30-60 minutes loading apps and activating home sharing and entering in passwords a gazillion times.

Mother's day is awesome - I can finally attest to that!


On Saturday night we were very lucky to have Sandra babysit Kien while we gallivanted to a birthday party in Greenhithe.

Jason made some dangerously delicious mojitos.

I had some fun with the camera trying to practice my low lighting photography skills (or rather lack of). But I do like this one - paparazzi on the loose.


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