Monday, May 2, 2011

Action central

After manifesting the busyness of a couple of beavers over the last week it made sense to have an action packed weekend too. Meola Reef Reserve was our first port of call (actually it was the second since we were at the Ponsonby library before the doors opened). Kien got a free ride with his daddy, which always pleases him.

Kien looks so relaxed up there!

We played in the freshly mown grass, and on this fabulously beautiful Autumn Saturday it felt great to be outside.

Throwing grass up into the air and letting the blades cascade back to the ground was one heck of a lot of fun. The lady with the dog certainly thought it looked like something her pet wanted to participate in.

During our walk back to the car Kien just wanted to cuddle his dad - it really does melt my heart to see the love and adoration he shows Jef.

A brief stop at Ponsonby library on the way home.

As we do practically every Saturday we take Kien to see his grandfather at the restaurant for a late lunch. My aunt was flying back to L.A. the following morning, so it was the last opportunity for her to see Kien for this visit.

Kien giving her a high five - his speciality.

We made a visit to the local chinese store on the way home for some stainless steel bowls. Why, you ask? To make a Van De Graaff Generator--of course!

Sunday's outing was to M.O.T.A.T. (for those people who are not in the know that stands for Museum Of Transport And Technology). We marveled at the magnificence of the old trams and postulated on the awesomeness of the Auckland transport system had the tram network been kept alive.

Jef and Kien had a few rounds of whatever-the-name-of-this-game-is-called in the historical village, circa 1900 (or maybe a bit later).

But Kien did not really light up until he got to the playground. I suppose big plastic round things to climb and bash was a lot more fun then wandering around cordoned rooms. What did I expect?!?


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