Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pitter patter of tiny feet...

The sound is unmistakable. He kind of does the shuffle-thump-shuffle-thump-thump thing, and the thumps are definitely purposeful! He likes the sound his "new" shoes make - "new" meaning they are not the soft soled leather variety that he is accustomed to. These are the grown up type, only made for little people. But his thumps are now not only reserved for when he is wearing shoes, as he has discovered he can actually make quite a bit of noise without shoes on. When he is running from one room to the next we definitely know about it. Lets face it, children are noisy, and my little guy is no exception.

Toys are noisy too, especially when they are heavy and hard, and when hitting wooden floors from the top storey of an apartment I'm sure the sound reverberates all the way through to the next level down (or perhaps even further). No complaints from our neighbours yet, but I'm making doubly sure I'm nice to them all so they may have some sympathy when they are peacefully sitting in their lounge whilst listening to buffalos traipsing above them.

So what does Kien choose as his favourite toy(s) of the week?

There is the robot dog that plays a barking, chiming and sort of musical track at a volume that is uncomfortable, and did I mention the sound loops? The dog also walks and scampers, with feet lighting up and flashing like a Christmas tree. All well and good if you are into that sort of thing, and Kien is, but when that dog has been on for 5 minutes I really just want for it to have an accident off our balcony.

Then there's the electric organ, which sounds like it is dying since the battery has depleted from him playing with it so much, and we just happen not to have any of those types of batteries in the house...sorry Kien, it means no more stamping on it to make lots of weird an funky tunes anymore. What a shame!

His bee, good old fashioned Mr Buzzy Bee. Let me tell you that wood on wooden floors dropped from 840 millimeters makes a really loud bang, not to mention wooden wheels pulled along on wooden floors has a nice instrumental tone when combined with it being lifted off the floor and dropped every few steps. We rolled out the mat again for this very reason. But he likes to buzz it around the furniture and other surfaces.

So when he's done with that he'll find something else amusing to do, and what's better than the ball to bounce on.

You wouldn't think it but he can actually get quite a good distance in the air, and when his feet hit the ground...well, you get the picture.


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