Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sick of being sick!

We've been poorly - one after the other we have fallen victim to some ghastly viral infection that won't let up. It hit Kien hard on Sunday, and when Monday rolled around there was no way he could go to daycare. So off to the doctor we went, and she referred us to Starship (due to his vomiting and lack of food intake it was precautionary). So 4 very long hours at the children's hospital.

After lots of Ventolin and a few tantrums he was finally discharged.

Tuesday was a write off - I could feel myself getting sicker by the hour, but thankfully Kien was getting better.

He did some drawing. I'm not sure a lot of the marker ended up on any paper that I put out for him.

There were a few unhappy moments, mainly due to, well, nothing in particular really. Just because 20 month olds can't control their emotions.

A minute or so later it blows over, and he's back to being chipper and chatty again.

If you were wondering, the answer is yes, we did stay in our pajamas for 2 days straight.

I've been off work all week, and Jef was off today. I've spent countless hours in delirium and wondering why I'm being jabbed by needles all over my body, and why won't the banging stop in my head!! Enough already, I'm so sick of being sick! I'm going to pop some more paracetamol, I've had lots already. They must be helping although I don't feel it. Oh, poor me...


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