Saturday, November 3, 2012

All in a day

Sometimes life is too short to only do one activity per day, especially when one is graced with stellar weather. This was the case last Saturday.

A lovely still morning meant it was perfect for being on the water, so I packed some coffee and breakfast and we were on the boat not long afterward.

See how still and calm it was?

Jef took his required measurements, scrubbed the deck and did some general cleaning while Kien dished out instructions.

I love seeing Kien in his life jacket. He is really good about wearing it.

I can't wait to see our Fire Dancer again - hopefully on Sunday, weather dependent.


Once we were home we gathered our gear and headed out the door for our next activity. We thought the long drive to Te Oneone Rangatira Beach would give Kien a chance to have a sleep and recharge his batteries, but no, he was awake for the entire journey.

Jef flew his glider off sand dunes. This was his maiden flight for this glider.

It was about 3pm, and Kien became a little scratchy. So I set up a make-shift bed under a make-shift shelter so he could lie down and have some quiet time.

Then we went and dug in the sand.

The beach was fabulously wonderful; the glistening black sand, the wild surf crashing, and the soft dunes that Kien climbed and slid down again. I do love NZ West Coast beaches.

We drove back to the city with tousled sea spray hair and salty skin (and Kien with pockets full of sand).


A quick stop at Nosh in Ponsonby for some meat, a dash home for quick showers, and we were off to Rod and Grandma Gun's place for a BBQ.

Michelle and Thomas were up for a visit from Tauranga - their last trip to Auckland before the baby arrives. Kien certainly has missed Thomas.

Its lovely watching them play together.

The ornamental ceramic birds were a hit.

Wow, Thomas is going to be an older brother soon, and Kien will have another little (second) cousin to play with.


Callie @ said...

Looked like an awesome day! Have you been to the lake out near Bethells Beach? We went there a couple of days ago - not the lake itself but we followed the creek to the dunes. Dunes that were about three stories high! Amazing fun to slosh through the creek (towing the kids on bodyboards), climb the dunes (awesome workout!) and bodyboard down. Recommended 'must do' for summer!!

Jess said...

What an action packed day. Must say it made me a little home sick to see a black sand west coast beach. Awesome family time and great pictures.

Lien - all new adventures said...

@ Callie - thanks for the recommendation. We will definitely have to check out that place.

@ Jess - thanks. I love the west coast wildness and can totally understand why you would miss it. Nice to see you again.


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