Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas day and birthday all rolled up in one

Christmas morning, and it could have been any other morning as far as Kien was concerned. We had told him to go check under the tree to see if he got any presents. Nope, he would much rather watch Josh and Josh flying helicopters on flite test. After lazing around the house until almost midday we got ourselves dressed and ready to head to my folks place, and literally had to persuade Kien to seek out his presents under the tree. Then he sat there and stared at them for a while.

Yes, Kien, those are your presents. Go get them!

So he lined them up on the table and carefully unwrapped them.

Pure delight when he saw what was inside.


For the past three years of Kien's life my family has always celebrated his birthday on Christmas day. My parents are workaholics - they never close up shop unless they have to, and as Christmas day is so close to Kien's birthday (plus the whole family is all gathered at the same place) it just makes sense to celebrate his birthday and Christmas all at once.

My younger sister ordered this awesome cake for him.

After the cake cutting (everyone was way too full to eat any of it) Kien was showered with more gifts.

His ông ngoại helped him with the unwrapping as he was more than happy to have them remain wrapped up. You can definitely tell he is an only child, right? Absolutely no competition or comparisons whatsoever.

Kien, you are one extremely lucky boy! Just wait a couple more days until it is your real birthday. You'll get to spend it with your two most favourite people in the world (Mummy and Daddy, of course!), and you get to play with all your new toys you got on Christmas day. I'm thinking you'll want to blow out a candle, and ask to do it again, and again, so I'll be sure to have a tea light available for you. Unless it's two bite sizes I'm pretty sure you'll spit out the rest of whatever cake I give you, so I'm thinking a muffin or chocolate danish from New World will suffice. We'll spend the day on the boat, maybe out in the harbour or in one of the bays on an island out in the gulf, and I know you will love it!


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