Sunday, December 16, 2012

Motoring to McKenzie Bay

We would have sailed there if the centreboard was down on the boat. Instead we motored out there last Sunday from our mooring at Northcote Point and it was just as exciting.

The view of Devonport as we passed.

Kien spent a lot of the time in the cabin. He just wanted to goof around down there, running back and forth, crawling around, finding loose screws and things of that nature.

He got motion sickness only once, and was really good about it. I'm impressed that at almost three years old he alerted "Mummy, I have a sore tummy. I'm going to vomit", and I gave him the bucket and afterwards he was all chirpy again.

Kien thought the Rangitoto Lighthouse looked like a sky tower. There's definitely some resemblance.

Heading straight for McKenzie Bay. We weren't the only ones.

After logging our journey Jef rowed us ashore.

Kien found that yellow ball in the black lava stones, and it was his new favourite toy for the entire day.

We had some lunch and enjoyed the warmth of the day.

Jef then rowed us to a little island not far away. It was great. We were the only ones there.

Of course Kien couldn't help himself and eventually ended up in the water.

It was such a fabulous day - a wonderful family outing. Roll in summer holidays!


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