Saturday, December 8, 2012

Love those lights

Ahh yes, now we are well and truly into December, and those good folks living on Franklin Rd have once again embraced the spirit of Christmas. Last night we waited until it was dark (and well past Kien's bedtime), and walked up the street to Franklin Rd.

I love the effort that is put in for us Aucklanders to enjoy.

Santa's vehicle - full of wrapped presents. So cool!

Maybe this weekend we'll go and splurge out on lights to deck out our balcony. The inspiration is there!


Bron said...

It is so great when the neighborhood puts on a good show for you. Looks great.x

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

We could so do with a street full of lights like this in Welly. I would definitely let mine stay up late to go and see them too!! We will have to make do with our annual pilgrimage to the Festival of Lights in New Plymouth instead :-)

Craig said...

Great photos Lien, love the one with Jeff and Kien in the archway.



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