Sunday, January 13, 2013


Friends from distant shores

You know, I've known my German friend Linda and her Kiwi husband Jason for a lot of years (like 15 plus years lots), and over that time it has been good to meet a whole bunch of different friends from distant shores. Last week we went to their place for a fabulous meal and to see Peter and Catrin again. I think they've been to NZ four times, and I think I've met them on three of those occasions.

It's the way with a lot of friendships, interconnections of connections that make us interconnected interconnects! That calls for a group shot.

With 3 people from Germany, plus Linda and Jason's new Russian neighbours to add to the mix of Kiwis and token Oriental chick I would say the evening was a multicultural affair, with a variety of traditional foods as well.

Great to see the kids just playing merrily together, whosever property they were on.

Thanks, L & J, it was fun.


Model airplanes

We make squillions of them, from cardboard or foam or polystyrene or plastic - we cut the shapes out and stick them together and our son loves to launch them.

Most of these end up being pulled apart by the dear boy the following day (or the following hour), but from the point when the plane has been modelled to the test flights on the lawn, off the stairs or from the balcony, it is his most prized possession.


Bottle rockets

Since I live with two boys who loves flying objects of course we would be letting off bottle rockets at dusk. Doesn't everyone?!?


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