Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Art and strawberry fields forever

Wow, I love having action packed Tuesdays, and oh boy, what a day we've had. It was a bit of a slow start in the morning when I couldn't decide our mode of transportation due to the weather. Walk or bus into town? Well we did neither as it rained every time we got up to leave. So the car it was.

First stop - Albert Park for an early picnic lunch. It wasn't raining!

Kien tore around there, and I was hoping he would wear himself out before our next activity.

He also did his strange little dance which I've never been able to catch on video. It's an awfully cute jiggle.

Here is a photo Kien took with his camera (in amongst the hundreds of thumbs, feet, and ground shots).


Our next stop was the Auckland Art Gallery.

I had hoped to see Who Shot Rock & Roll exhibition, but I knew my time here was going to be limited with Kien being in his fine, noisy and energetic form. So we wandered around and enjoyed finding interesting nooks and crannies.

He said, "Look, Mummy. There is a drain", and when he followed it he said he was on a ladder.


Last activity of the day - strawberry picking.

The advantage of going to a strawberry field and picking your own is that you are also encouraged to eat as much as possible out in the field. That's right, the woman actually told us to make sure we fill our bellies up before coming in to weigh the bucket.

Kien loves strawberries (as do I); fruit so succulent and inviting to be eaten.

I love seeing rows upon rows of these beautiful plants. Strawberry fields, forever - too right, Paul.


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