Wednesday, January 2, 2013

All is quiet on new years day

...except for giddy children, cows mooing, chickens clucking, and fun filled laughter and merriment at the family farm on Cole Rd.

We had a fabulous lunch under the canopy.

It was a spectacularly sunny day with hardly a cloud in the sky, perfect for dancing on the hay bales.

It was so much fun being up there! You don't know until you do it.

How do I even begin to explain how much Kien loved being on the farm? He loved all the toys here and amused himself with them for ages.

He discovered blackberries, and he loved them.

Doing the farm thing...

...and there was a mexican standoff...

...and a whole lot of laughter.

Jef with his cousin, Douglas. Long time no see.


We drove up to the Kaipara Harbour on the last day of the old year. We stayed in a little cabin in Paparoa.

We went to Pahi beach to hunt crabs watch the sun set for the last time in 2012.


Driving into Auckland yesterday there was a beautiful sunset casting a glorious glow over the city. It was a fabulous welcome home. Happy new year!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

What wonderful photos, looks like you all had such a special time together on the farm - thanks for sharing Lien and Happy New Year to you guys xx


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