Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Times like these

It was only midnight, and he was calling for me. It started as a whimper and turned into a plead. I always know when something is not quite right with him when he is having difficulties transitioning into another sleep cycle before 2am. I went into his room and gave his back a rub. He seemed warm, but he wasn't sweating. He fell back asleep.

Half an hour later and I was awoken by his calls again. I went to give him some milk, and he didn't want any. I stroked his cheek, and he was hot...and thus began a LONG night. I'm certain I may have been up and down 540,789 times that night. That was Sunday night/Monday morning. Yeah, I did end up in his bed at 5am when I realised I might squeeze in a bit of sleep if I didn't have to get up another 1024 times.

I still forced myself to get up at 6:15am to pack and get to boot camp in time - and when I walked up to this sight I knew I should have stayed in bed, because really, as if life before 7am isn't tough enough!

I wondered how Jef was getting on, and I got this text from him.

And this pic of him ready for daycare - he looks fine, a little puffy, but fine.

9am - I was in the middle of my first coffee and I got the call from Tineke from daycare, "He's got a temperature of 39.5 degrees. You need to come and take him home"...and thus began a LONG day. Actually, it wasn't too bad when we got home - besides the throwing up all over me and his bed, that is. But after his marathon sleep of 4 hours(!) he was looking better, and he asked to go outside to lay in the grass.

He looked so wonderfully contemplative, even if he's just thinking to himself "Mummy, just give it a rest will ya? Can't you see I'm sick? Get that iPhone out of my face!"

I lay down next to him on the grass, under the big shady tree outside our apartment, the sun rays filtering through the variegated leaves, the sounds of crickets chirping on this warm and glorious summer day, and it was so peaceful and beautiful.

It is times like these that reminds me how parenthood can be so hard and yet so wonderful all at once.


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