Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Into the wind to Rakino Island

What a fabulous weekend of sailing we've just had! I have had way too much sun and am looking way too over roasted. I can't help it, that sun has just been gracing us here this summer and I'm loving the heat so much! I'm sure we've purchased a truckload and a half of sunscreen this summer.

Both sails went up - this was the first time for us sailing on Cariere where we've put the mainsail up and had the genoa unfurled. It was fabulous sailing.

We raced Luna Rossa.

Hahaha, I wish! They came zooming past and some crew waved at us.

It took us 4 hours of hard sailing to get to Rakino Island. We got there, anchored up near the Three Sisters at 36°43′27″S 174°56′32″E, and went for a swim.

We boiled up some water and gave Kien a bath when he got out of the sea.

Jef sizzled up some dinner for us. Delicious, even more so out here!

Caught a beautiful sunset and moonrise over the island.

After breakfast we got into the dingy and went on shore.

We had a snack and hung around at the beach for a bit.

We explored the amazing rock pools on this island. They were so full of life - Hermit crabs, small and giant periwinkle, oysters, mussels and tiny shrimp.

Kien wanted us to climb to the top of the island. He demonstrated his climbing ability to tell us he was serious.

It was way too steep to climb up there, so we told him we will come back soon and next time we will definitely have a wander up and around the island. We enticed him with a swim instead.

Then we jumped back in the dingy and motored to the Three Sisters for a quick look around.

Ah, it was such a satisfying weekend away.

I'm so glad to have done my sailing course because now I kinda know what I'm doing, although I do need a lot more practice. This weekend's sailing was perfect for that. We had variable wind both going out and coming back, so I trimmed the sails accordingly. We sailed on a broad reach pretty much all the way from Rakino to the Rangitoto channel, and we got home in about 3 hours so that was pretty good going. Looking forward to my next sailing expedition.


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