Wednesday, May 29, 2013


At three years old Kien already has a best friend by the name of Declan. These two boys were besties since last year, growing and establishing their friendship at daycare. But sadly about the same time as we went on holiday to Vietnam, Declan changed to a different daycare. His mother sent me an e-mail while we were away, and finally in amongst our hectic lives we arranged a play-date for the boys. On Sunday afternoon, after 2 months of not seeing each other, Declan and his mum came around to ours, and the boys slipped right back into being BFFs.

Kien relished in showing Declan all of his toys in his bedroom. Eventually contents of both toy boxes were emptied onto his bed.

Once they were done in the bedroom they came out to the lounge where they (for the most part) took turns with the trike.

High five, Boys! You lads played very nicely together. Long may your friendship continue.


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