Friday, May 31, 2013

What has made me smile

In amongst all the madness and the surrealistic aspects of what is to be in the near future, or perhaps not to be - who knows? Doctors certainly don't, and each day we go visiting my aunt she seems so much better than the day before. So that has definitely made me smile.

What else?

❥ Painting in pyjamas while it rains outside.

❥ That look of innocence after being caught in the act.

The paintbrush was obviously not good enough.

❥ The colours of Autumn outside our window.

❥ Finding my son had made himself comfortable at our front door.

❥ He was talking to the plants.

❥ Visiting my aunt and finding my uncle in the midst of cooking one of my favourite Vietnamese dishes - Bánh xèo.

❥ A few hours of reunited cousins.

❥ Being released early from work today, and able to enjoy some quiet time at home editing photos in peace and quiet.

❥ The beautiful afternoon glow.

What has made you smile this past week or so? I hope there have been lots.

1 comment:

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Lovely to have you join in again - that last picture with the glow is just glorious.


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