Friday, June 28, 2013

Annual lantern walk

Laternelaufen, walking with lanterns, was organised once again by my German friend, Linda, to celebrate the legend of Saint Martin. Also, pre-christianity, pagans in Europe celebrated a festival of light and fertility in the early winter.

Last Saturday evening we started out at their place over mulled wine and cheese while the kids had dinner (all the kids had dinner, except my kid, of course).

Then we headed out to the park to meet up with the rest of the crowd.

Jason lit a wish lantern, and it floated high up into the sky. Those things are awesome.

Everyone watched it fly away until it blended into the night sky and looked like a distant star.

The children played around in the playground for a bit.

Then we headed off for a walk around the park with our home made lantern built fresh that day. I ran out on Saturday morning to get the cellophane, and while Kien and I were visiting my aunt, Jef was at home hot gluing bamboo skewers together.

At the end we were treated to some German cookies - those Kien did eat.

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Lynette said...

that is a very impressive slot car track. I think that Jeff would be jealous.


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