Tuesday, June 25, 2013

His best friend

These two are BFFs, or declaring they are not best friends anymore if they are unhappy with one another for some reason or another - like when one of them wanted to play cars while the other wanted to play ball it was a case of who was more whiny about what he wanted, and the other boy ran away shouting, "I'm not your best friend!". Two minutes later they were holding hands and skipping around rainbows again.

We had Declan over for another playdate on Sunday. Isn't it funny how new age the term "playdate" sounds, when once upon a time we just had friends over. So anyway, yes, his best friend came over and in between the dry spell and the rain we managed to get outside for a bit of fresh air.

They raced each other up and down the path, deciding beforehand which one of them was going to win.

The main purpose for coming out here was to draw on the ground. They took great delight in emptying out the box and having the chalk roll everywhere.

Then it was a case of, "lets stand them all up".

Because once they've stood all the chalk up on end they'd both run through and kick every one of them over, and then they'd start the game again.

It's only been recently that Kien has asked for friends to come over to see him. It was nice to have a friend over for Kien to play with.


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