Thursday, June 20, 2013

Laying of ashes

Cremation is not part of my family custom, and I've only ever been to one burial of ashes (Jef's grandmother's). A couple of Saturdays ago I experienced my second time laying ashes, this time it was for Jef's great uncle Mostyn. We drove up to Te Kopuru to a quaint little cemetery.

It was a beautiful ceremony, informal and intimate.

There was a lovely memory garden in the corner of the cemetery, and while a few of the family went there I chased wild pink clover. They were beautiful, and grew all over the ground.

We went back to the farm for afternoon tea afterwards. As always everyone had a good time, especially the kids.


We stayed the night at Kien's granddad's and Margaret's, and in the morning Kien ran around their garden in pyjamas.

We hadn't anticipated a late start to the day, but it ended up being that way, and before we knew it time had marched on and we needed to head back to Auckland. Our journey home was along the coast, stopping at any beach we could when the rain wasn't falling.

Needless to say the beaches were pretty empty - just the way I like it.


Wow, the cold snap has finally hit us, and all of a sudden it turned cold. I miss the summer already.


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