Saturday, July 13, 2013

Long Bay Reserve

It's nice discovering a marine reserve that I was vaguely aware of but had never bothered checking out until a couple of weeks ago. Jef has been looking for cliffs/hills where he can fly his glider, and he thought of taking a look at Long Bay-Okura Marine Reserve. I had no idea. Seriously. This reserve is awesome; massive, and so beautifully kept. But first we had to wait for a certain someone to finish a nap that really was not supposed to have happened.

Meanwhile, the beach was there - beautiful and still in between the rainy patches and the blue sky.

After 40 minutes of waiting we finally set off on our walk, stopping every so often to admire the wildlife.

Through the bush and across the paddock before we finally got to Puhutukawa beach.

We tried to stealthily get close to some Oyster Catchers, but alas, they did not like to be interrupted by mammals, regardless of how friendly looking we were.

Much fun and frolicking was had.

It rained, it shined, it was cold, it was warm, it was wet, it was sludgy, and it was totally worth the effort coming out here.

No gliders were flown though.


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