Wednesday, July 31, 2013

One fine Tuesday

If all my Tuesdays could be this fun I wouldn't ever complain about how hard parenthood is!

I've kind of noticed a pattern in my blogging regularity; when the child is "Sunny" I tend to blog more, and if the rain is falling hard then I just don't have any energy left for recounting anything. When your child is testing you to your absolute limits the reason why we parents don't sit our child(ren) on the street with a sign saying "Free to a good home" is because they can turn into cute, adorable, crazily cuddly and gorgeous little creatures who give you radiant smiles with a twinkle in their eye. We're such suckers!

So, yesterday, yes, it was a fabulous Mum and Son day (I did originally type "Mama and Baba day" but then decided it was just too cutesy and cringe inducing). School holidays are over, so we were back at Ponsonby Playgroup where I ran a baking session.

It was baking, but not as you know it - all ingredients into a cup, and then the batter was microwaved. See how much the kids enjoyed it?

They all sat there eating the batter because they couldn't wait for the finished product, and then they couldn't wait to gobble up their chocolate chip cupcake during the cooling process. I like running successful activities, and seriously, if anyone told me 4 years ago I'd be doing the above said, I'd just think they were crazy, or that parenthood will have driven me crazy to even consider doing anything like that.

After Playgroup we headed to my dad's for some lunch. Kien happily played with the cars he brought along.

Cars and noodles and frozen raspberries and silliness and laugher.

We then went and visited my aunt. She was very tired, and we weren't even sure we were going to be able to see her. But she got out of bed and sat with us for a while. She was able to eat a little bit, and then went back to bed. Kien was happy just to hang out in her room, so we stayed for a while longer.

I had promised Kien we would go to the park later in the afternoon, and so I stopped at Francis Reserve on our way home.

We watched the beautiful golden sunset from the slide, and then we headed home to do some puzzles. A lovely ending to a great day.


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