Sunday, July 28, 2013

A day on the west coast

Auckland is an amazing place to live, especially when you are beach lovers like us.

This morning we woke up and decided we needed to do something outside in nature. So the decision was to head out to the west coast. The weather was looking a little unpredictable, but it didn't matter, because when we got out to Rimmer Road and walked over the dunes toward the beach the sky was blue and the wind was high, perfect for flying.

I told Kien the last time we were out here he lay under the bush for a rest. Next minute I see Kien crawling under the shrubbery saying, "the last time I was lying under here, ay?".

Kien found a bottle on the sand dunes (kind of like the first time we took him here), and for about 45 minutes he entertained himself by throwing it down the hill and then chasing after it. Boy, he had fun, and it was delightful to see both my boys so happy out here.

Yes, a great day for flying, indeed!

By the time we finished up at the beach we were a little peckish, so Jef decided to head in the opposite direction away from Kumeu (which was my suggestion) to Helensville instead. We stopped at the Grand Hotel.

This is a small town pub where they did not even have EFTPOS! But you know what they did have? Excellent fish and chips - an extremely tasty high quality dish at dirt cheap prices. Oh, and they also had lollie pops which the lady at the bar kindly gave to Kien.

Kien made friends with that little girl and her cats.

After we finished our most excellent meal and beers we headed across the road to the railway station.

This train engine is from 1880.

How much fun can one kid have in a day? Well that smile of his pretty much sums it all up.


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