Thursday, October 24, 2013

Glorious Sunday

On a beautiful sunny Sunday we looked for somewhere new we could head out to. Tahuna Torea Nature Reserve was a perfect destination for us. This was a coastal bush walk that took us meandering through trees, on the board walk, and along paths lined with tall grass.

We stopped to look at Purple Swamphens (known locally as the PÅ«keko) and heard the beautiful trill of a Tui.

We wandered through the mangroves and made our way onto the sand/cockle shells as we headed out to the spit.

Kien was throwing shells up in the air and would celebrate a successful throw with a groovy victory dance.

As you can see it was way low, low tide.

That's the marina in the background we moved out yacht from back in January.

We walked around and back to a clearing on the beach to shelter us from the wind that whipped through the channel. There we stopped for refreshments.

Kien got a haircut. A hairdresser comes around to daycare and if we want to pay her $15 she will cut our child's hair to any specification. I explained to one of the teachers what I wanted. This wasn't it.

We had a fantastic outing and felt so refreshed after such a hectic week. My work life right now is just mad. I'm working ridiculous hours because I end up taking stuff home. Our vendors are based in another time zone so I've been doing a full day at work and then come home and sometimes will do another half day after Kien is in bed. I just need to get over this hurdle and then put a stop to this, pronto. I remember making the decision to work part-time for a reason! Anyway, I can't complain, really. I am lucky to have my very flexible job with flexible hours and a flexible team. So the whinge was just to get it off my chest, but also to let you know why I haven't been updating regularly or replying to you when you've been in contact. Things will lighten up soon (1 December, actually). Yay! Roll on summer!


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