Sunday, October 27, 2013

Last minute run to the beach

We were home all day today trying to catch up on tasks that we've both put off. But unfortunately the 3 3/4 year old boy doesn't do too well being inside while mum and dad try to do their own thing. He broke a few things, knocked over a few others, and cried a number of times over trivial stuff. Jef did most of the parenting today - I was in a bit of a funk and stayed in bed. So when a friend got in contact at around 5pm saying they were camping out at Muriwai Beach and suggested we join them for dinner, well it was an invitation too good to pass. I gave Jef a break, persuaded Kien to come out with me, and 35 minutes later we were at the playground out at the beach.

I had a really pleasant time catching up with my chum and her son, and after Kien stopped being clingy he too had a good time. We ordered fish and chips from the Sand Dunes Beach Cafe and took it back to the campground. After dinner we left them to their "camping", and Kien and I headed over the sand dunes to the beach.

This was exactly what I needed tonight to pull me out of my gloom; fresh air, running around on a long stretch of beach with the wind in our hair, Kien and I chasing each other and having sand fights.

Of course the beautiful sunset topped it all off.

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Michelle MacWhirter said...

I really like the photo of mother and son together. Gorgeous moment.


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