Monday, March 3, 2014

Old school snail mail

Out of the blue the other week Kien said he wanted to post a letter. So we asked him who he would like to write a letter to and he said Declan. So he dictated what he wanted to say to his old chum and Jef wrote it down for him. Then he decorated the letter with stickers, traced his name, and Jef made a little envelope to put it in. That envelope sat "in a safe place" (meaning Kien put it somewhere so safe we couldn't find it) until last Sunday when he eventually dug it out from under the bed insisted we go and get a stamp so he could post it. We wandered over to the dairy across the road and bought the stamp and some milk. We came home, he stuck the stamp on, sealed the envelope with stickers and tape, and then Jef took him across the road to the post box.

I hope Declan received the letter today, and that the boys are able to get together again for a playdate. Anahera, if you read this, a reply in electronic form is quite sufficient as I tell you now, we clear our mailbox maybe once every few weeks, because, hard copy?!?


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