Friday, June 27, 2014

The day I jumped off a bridge

Kawarau Bridge - plummeting 43 meters down to the river. It was an amazing experience.

The only time that I got really freaked out was when I was shuffling towards the edge and I looked out, over and down. My heart was thumping as I realised I was actually going to free fall all the way down. The guy who was there on the platform with me asked if I was scared. "Oh yeah, now I am!" was my response, to which he replied, "Good!". Next few seconds were spent smiling and waving at cameras, and then everything happened so quickly after that.

I was giving Thumbs Up to Jef and Kien. I wasn't even sure I was looking in the right direction.

And here's a video of my Kawarau bungy jump taken by Jef. They wanted us to shell out $45 to purchase their CD/DVD - that's a tad bit steep, don't you think?

I did that. Finally.


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