Sunday, June 1, 2014

Honesty vs over-sharing

I flicked back on a few of my blog posts recently and I realised that they sound a lot more upbeat than what I've been experiencing on the inside. That is the conflict I have here on this blog. I often present the best side of our life here. I am conscious that family and friends are reading, and I don't want anyone to be worrying about me (and really, you don't need to worry about me after reading this!) - hence I hold back on pouring out my er, um, stuff/neuroses/internal dialog. Some of it sneaks through, and sometimes I want to write and share more of myself, but it's a fine line between being honest online and over-sharing. So what ends up in my blog posts is a snippet, a fraction of what is going on, and it more or less comes across like we are always happy and our life is bliss. Man, I wish that is the truth, all of the time. But this is life. This is a normal part of the ups and downs of being human, and I pretty much only ever want to recount the good times here, because that's what I want to remember and document. That is authenticity too. If I want to pour my guts out online I need to do it elsewhere, not here on my family blog.

Lately the best part of my life has been parenting Kien, and a close second is being Jef's partner. Both those aspects are the most important, right?

Oh, and this is pretty exciting.

Before any work has been done to our new house.

Work in progress.

More on that later, sometime.


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