Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Remarkables and Glenorchy

On Sunday morning we went to town to purchase snow mittens so Kien's fingers didn't freeze off in the snow. While we were at the store they were selling these cheapo plastic sit on sled things so we got that as well. We asked the dude in the store if he could recommend anywhere with enough snow for us to play in. He suggested The Remarkables - the ski field hasn't yet opened since there hasn't been enough snow fall, but it would be perfect for what we wanted to do.

There was definitely enough snow for playing in! Beautiful, powdery fresh snow that crunched under our feet with each deep step. I've never experienced this much snow before, because I haven't experienced much snow at all. This sand loving summer girl doesn't like being cold and ladened in layers to keep warm! But I've come to appreciate how wonderful it is to be somewhere you can be cold and sunburnt at the same time.

When there is snow what else are you going to do if not build a snowman with the white stuff.

And what else are you going to do if not eat the white stuff.

"Snow is so yummy!"

Frosty the Snowman, himself.

It's so weird to imagine that in one month's time (if not sooner) this place will be full of people and these lifts will be completely occupied. Right now it looks like a ghost town, save for some staff and a handful of other tourists who took the steep route up here.

As we drove back down the hill I made Jef stop so I could get out and take some photos of the scenery.

Since there was no one there to take a picture of me with the lovely backdrop I took a selfie.

Next stop - Glenorchy. It was like we were in a quiet alpine village somewhere far, far away.

A brief drive back to Queenstown as the sun was setting meant more stopping for photographs.

This is what it looks like from Jef's point of view while traveling with me.

But this is my point of view.


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