Monday, January 18, 2016

An evening on the sand

I'm tired, and I've not got anything poignant or creative to say. But I have these photographs to share, taken on Saturday afternoon down at one of our local spots - Hamilton Rd Reserve beach. The tide was heading out when we arrived, which isn't ideal at these beaches, but it didn't matter. Kien was armed and ready with his buckets and spades (yes, plural!), intent on building his sand castle.

He did make a moat, fastidiously collecting sea water over multiple trips, but by then I'd lost interest. Instead, I was waiting for my dinner to finish cooking. Jef did a fine job with that.

There's a good rope swing at this beach too.


On Friday I was working out at the airport all day. It was a really long and drawn out afternoon with long and drawn out meetings. Kien was spending the day with Rod and Grandma Gun at their new house, and I was so busy in the late afternoon that time seemed to slip by, and myself and another person on my project were the only ones left in the office. After jolting out of my chair when I saw the time I quickly packed up and headed for Wattle Downs with Google directing me there. I've heard much about Wattle Downs; Mum Gun has wanted to live there forever, and Rod has been taking the dogs to the reserve beach every day for forever too. So it's about time they moved there! But I've never been to this area before me and now I can see why they were raving on about it.

Before the sun went down I just had to take Kien to the beach to check it out. I took one of dogs with us. The reserve was a couple of streets over, so it didn't take long for us to walk there, and I must say that the beach is pretty terrific.

Kien loved it...didn't want to leave.

Next Friday, Kien. Michelle and the kids will be up and you'll get to see your cousins too!


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